Mameha Skincare



Mameha Skincare

Mameha is a London based organic skincare brand. It’s always a great pleasure to work for product commercials.

Direction, Design & Production


Composer & Sound Designer

Kambiz Aghdam

VFX Creative

Creative Directors –  Anix Anchal, TP Vineeth
3D Motion Design – Anix Anchal, TP Vineeth
Lighting & Texturing – TP Vineeth, Jickson Joseph
3D Modeling Artist – Jickson Joseph
3D Artist – Geo Madampil, Pranav R Raj
Houdini Artist – Pranav R Raj
Editing – Anix Anchal
Compositing – TP Vineeth, Anix Anchal

VFX Production

Creative Producer – Arun Devarajan
Executive Producer – Parvathy Narayan
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Music & Sound Design

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