The story

Do the visual magic

& do it the best way!

Adaar is an award-winning Design & Motion Company set up to evolve and create world-class stunning visuals for all media platforms.

We try to grow as reliable source for studios, game developers and advertisers that demand outstanding visual content. We are tied together by one goal- “Do the visual magic and do it the best way!”

What we do

We make the “Wow” happen
Demonstrating high standards of artistic and technical ability, we foster and strive for excellence in all matters pertaining to visual effects.

  • Visualization
  • Film & Broadcast
  • Commercials
  • Promos & Idents
  • Digital Content
  • Animation

We help you stand out and get noticed!
A product with its own evolution story becomes a “Brand”. We value originality and uniqueness. We employ keen research to complement innovative designs that runs parallel to your brand’s repute.

  • Visualization
  • Identity
  • Brand Films
  • Type Design & Iconography

Becoming part of your creative development process. From title design to crafting, fixing and assimilating striking visual effects, we provide multiple services for TV and Broadcast productions under one umbrella.

  • Branding or Identity Package
  • Show Packages
  • Redesign
  • Titles
  • Promos & Trailers

A brave new world of digital!
With a hands-on to latest technology, we are all equipped to forge new paths in the digital and immersive realm. Employing a combination of complex view dependent techniques, we can create an entirely seem-real-world.

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Hologram

Pitching in for some of the most exciting works in the popular media. We provide a wide-ranging portfolio of post-production services in the global entertainment industry. Proud to have one of the best visual effects and animation teams, passion-driven to bring out the best cinematic output.

  •  Screen Graphics
  • Titles
  • VFX
  • Original Content
  • Web Production

Transform anything into a screen…
Moving out of the rectangle, we can turn any real space or object into a screen and create illusion in magnificent scales. Advertising, product launch, theatre or any grand event made more appealing and effective.

  • Concert
  • Theater
  • Events
  • Product Launch

Adaar creates artfully crafted Game cinematics. We are glad to associate with world-class gaming companies to create top level communication.

  • Logo and Idents
  • Cinematics
  • Trailers

Our Clients

Meet Our Team

Arun Devarajan
Co-founder & CEO

Co-founder & Creative Director

TP Vineeth
Co-founder & Creative Director

Jickson Joseph
Modeling Artist